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Preservation framing, also known as conservation framing, is about keeping your valued items in their present condition, without changing them or causing deterioration, and protecting them from environmental hazards. Preservation framing is our specialty, and there is more to it than meets the eye. We are trained, qualified, and experienced in the design and construction of beautiful, protective framing that suits your purposes.

When you want to frame an item that may be valuable now or in the future, we will describe framing features intended to protect it from external hazards, such as environmental damage from light, airborne contaminants, soiling, insects, temperature and humidity changes, cycles of expansion and contraction, or accidents. We also will describe and recommend framing materials and techniques intended to protect the item from damage that might otherwise come from the framing or from within the item itself.

Preservation framing is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Every part and procedure of the framing either helps or hinders its protective value. We can use certain protective features to provide certain benefits. For example, Ultraviolet filtering glass might be a good idea for framing a poster displayed in bright light, even if it could be easily replaced. The benefit is that the small added cost of the protective glass might delay fading and other light damage, perhaps doubling or tripling the useful life of that framed poster. So, even if the poster has little value, that one protective feature could amount to a significant increase of enjoyment from your framing investment.

Preservation framing is not always necessary or practical. For example, there may be no reason to extend the useful life of a poster, a snapshot for which you have the digital file or the negative, or any other item that can be replaced easily and economically. The choice of whether or not to purchase protective features is yours. Our goal is to help you understand your choices, so that you can make informed framing design decisions that best serves your purposes.

Conservation treatment is a scientific specialty reserved for professionals who are trained and experienced in the repair and restoration of certain items and materials. We are not conservators, but when you need conservation or restoration services for a photograph, a document, an artwork on paper or canvas, a textile or needle art, a frame, or any object made of paper, fabric, wood, glass, leather, ceramic or other materials, we are at your service.

When conservation treatment may be appropriate, we will help you identify the applicable type of value, if that is uncertain, and determine the best course of action for your valued item. We will prepare a Condition Report and inquire to qualified conservation specialists. Then, we will report their recommendations to you and, on your approval, we will package, ship, and expedite the conservation treatment by the conservator you authorize. When the conservation treatment is completed, we will frame your restored item as you like.

What is valuable?

That is an important question, and the answer often is not about money. There are three kinds of value:

Monetary value
Market price, appraisal, or insurance value.

Personal value
Sentimental value unrelated to money, often associated with heirlooms and personal treasures that may or may not hold value for others.

Cultural value
Intrinsic value to a community or a certain group of people, often associated with history, special people, or special events.

No matter what kind of value applies to your treasures, our purpose is to help you preserve them for the future.

We provide professional


For photographs and most other images on paper, restoration involves scanning, digital repair, and professional reproduction. We generally recommend safe storage for the original, and framing of a high quality, replaceable copy for display.

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